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Your contributions will help to sustain our programs and services in the following ways:

*Exhibit cases, display supplies, proper lighting, and preservation trainings
* Purchase of books for Sankofa Reading Circle, items for children “goodie” bags
*Chess sets for Chess-Academy & give-a-ways
* Qualified facilitators for health and wellness services and health items such as pedometers
* Publications/advertising cost, purchase of film for on-demand option on website
*Operational Costs

The African American Museum of Beginnings is a 501c3 organization and your donations are tax deductible. You will receive information in your receipt.

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Sankofa Reading Circle Sankofa Reading CircleYour donation will allow each child to receive a copy of the highlighted story and items for the children's' goodie bags. It is the goal of AAMB to support African American children’s authors by purchasing copies of their books to build the Sankofa Reading Circle Library.

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Soul Cinema Soul CinemaYour donation will allow the purchase of selected films for viewing and later for on-demand viewing on the AAMB website. Also for goodies and give-a-ways.

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Operating Expenses Operating ExpensesThe AAMB is virtually supported by Mr. and Mrs. Rasshan (from their own pockets) with generous donations from the community. It is our goal to build multiple income streams for sustainability.

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